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 A Title Deed to a property is one of the documents that has to be lodged in the Deeds office if you are making any changes in Title or when selling a property.

If there is a bond over the property then the bank that has mortgaged the property will retain the Title Deed as security and they will release it at their discretion for any subsequent transfer.

If there is no bond over the property then the owner will retain the original Title Deed in their possession. It may happen over time that the Title Deed could become lost, stolen or damaged beyond use. In that instance a deeds office copy has to be applied for that will replace the missing or damaged Deed. This application is a Deeds office application  . Affidavits have to be signed by the owner and some time after the application is registered the Deeds office will issue a copy of the Title Deed  that can be used for registration purposes.

If your Title Deed is lost or damaged CONTACT US now to assist you in getting a copy that will replace the lost Title Deed. We can assist you with your Title Deed for property that is situated ANYWHERE in South Africa in ANY of the Deeds Registry offices!