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Losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional time. Dealing with their estate can be overwhelming and complicated especially since you are also dealing with your grief at the same time. You need to appoint administrators to wind up the estate that are efficient , experienced and sympathetic to your needs.

We strive to be this and more.

When we are appointed administrators of the estate, we take care of all the details from obtaining the letters of executorship to the final liquidation and distribution account. We open an interest bearing estate late account on our corporate saver and not a cheque account. All funds are deposited here and the account attracts interest at the prevailing rate of a call account at the time. We can also on instruction move a portion of the funds that won't be needed to pay creditors into a fixed deposit which attracts a higher interest rate. The fixed deposit periods are from one week, two weeks, and even up to six months (should it be required)The current rates will be discussed in detail on our appointment. 

When an owner of a property dies- their share cannot be transferred to an heir until that persons estate is  finalised. Winding up estates can take a long time as there are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled in terms of the law. Because winding up estates is one of our areas of speciality and an area of law that we deal with frequently and consistently  we are able to  wind up an estate in the shortest time possible.

CONTACT US FOR ADVICE ON TIME FRAMES AND the legal requirements to report an estate.